Today, there are over 1.8 billion adolescents and youth around the world. One of the greatest challenges facing these young people is unemployment, with approximately 120 million young people joining the labor market each year and more than 73 million of them consistently documented as under or unemployed. At the end of 2010, over 75 million young people ages 15-24 were struggling to find work or feed themselves.

In order to help young people transform local economies and fight hunger all sectors must play a role. Banks must provide appropriate financial services to youth, industries must train their workforce for current and future market demands, and governments must encourage youth innovation and engagement. We all can engage in these initiatives in an effective and inclusive way by prioritizing young people’s views, considering their developmental needs, and including girls and other marginalized populations of youth to ensure equity. The energy and innovative capacities of these young people offer great potential for economic prosperity.

Summit Objectives

The objectives of the Global Youth Advancement Summit are:

Who Should Attend

The Global Youth Advancement Summit is for young leaders between 18 and 35 years old, and anyone interested in supporting and advocating for them. This includes representatives from governments, corporations, NGOs and media agencies, as well as faculty and staff from universities.

Why Attend

To facilitate the communication, collaboration and integration of all participants, the Summit will consist of interactive workshops, big idea talks, poster community, multimedia sessions, and a competition offering opportunities for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors. The Summit will also host a market/fair to display the products and services developed by young entrepreneurs. You should attend the Global Youth Advancement Summit if you are interested in:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the global inequities facing communities worldwide

  • Being in a dedicated space to work with young leaders from around the world to generate meaningful responses to global inequities facing youth in Arts and Culture, Education, the Environment, Healthcare, and Livelihoods.

  • Using your time to identify opportunities to collaborate with passionate colleagues and young leaders

  • Being inspired by the innovative and entrepreneurial ideas of young leaders in addressing global inequities

Expected Outcomes

  • At least 5 new investor commitments whereby entrepreneurs will gain seed-capital as a direct result of their “pitch” during the Entrepreneurship Competition

  • A catalogue of products and services from youth entrepreneurs that attend the conference

  • New opportunities for joint research collaboration

  • A publication by young volunteers on the 5 best research papers about the creation of successful youth ventures

  • A short documentary on 5 young leaders and their social impact

  • A final report highlighting best policy practices and other success stories on how to create sustainable communities

Want to be a Volunteer or a Faculty/Staff Mentor to Young Leaders?

Please contact us at GYANconf@msu.edu or +1-517-884-2144.