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Delegates - Global Youth Advancement Summit hosted by MSU

The Summit will be led by the presentations, conversations and ideas of youth delegates from around the world. Delegates are between 18-35 years, and represent 35+ countries from six continents. Work and education experiences among the delegates are diverse, and they span across a variety of industries. After submitting proposals and accepting invitations to the Summit, delegates have undergone extensive mentoring and professional development. At the Summit, the delegates will convene to address global inequities by sharing their innovative research, ventures and ideas.

Abahire, Oda Clemence
Abahire, Oda ClemenceRwanda | One Acre Fund
Oda Clemence is Regional Lead at One Acre Fund, Rwanda. She is an inspirational leader with experience managing field operations. She plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in communications to help address issues of youth unemployment through the Global Opportunity Access Initiative.
Abiza, Zainab
Abiza, ZainabMorocco | Washington and Lee University
Zainab is pursuing a master’s degree in global affairs as a Schwarzman Scholar, and holds a degree in economics and global politics. She is currently expanding her project with the Davis Projects for Peace grant, which increases access to education for rural girls in Morocco, and eventually globally. She is fluent in Arabic, French and English, and has conducted research in counterterrorism.
Aboah, Isaac
Aboah, IsaacGhana | University of Ghana
Isaac is the Founding Curator of The Gathering, an initiative that creates space for young people to discuss identity-related issues, such as well-being and mental health. He has experience working with organizations, such as Junior Achievement Africa, to improve education access for disadvantaged communities and women.
Abugbilla, Francis
Abugbilla, FrancisGhana | University of Washington, Seattle
Francis is a PhD candidate in international studies, and a fellow at the International Policy Institute at the University of Washington. He researches conflict resolution and peacebuilding mechanisms in post-conflict societies. His goal is to provide solar electricity to a village in Ghana and other communities that will improve the quality of education, and propel socio-economic growth and development.
Acosta, Alberto
Acosta, AlbertoMexico | Embu
Alberto initiated project Embu, which creates bamboo crutches to help poor people have a dignified rehabilitation. He holds a communications degree with a specialization in advertisement direction and corporate communication. He is a volunteer with Junior Achievement Mexico, giving workshops on canvas model and design thinking.
Addo, Elijah Amoo
Addo, Elijah AmooGhana | Food for All Africa
Elijah is a chef and the Founder and CEO of Food for All Africa, a social enterprise that creates efficient and sustainable means of nutrition for low income and vulnerable communities. He was awarded the prestigious Queens Young Leader award by Queen Elizabeth II in 2017 for his effort in reducing food waste and using food as a catalyst for change across Africa.
Adjei, Jones Ampadu
Adjei, Jones AmpaduGhana | Eastern New Mexico University
Jones is a microbiologist and a founding partner of Health Missions Alliance International, an NGO that works to erase existing disparities in health education and disease prevention in rural communities in Ghana. He previously worked as a biomedical scientist and a health counselor for a health assessment by the Research on Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes among African Migrants.
Agyapong, Barbara
Agyapong, BarbaraGhana | Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Barbara is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in political science from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. She contributes to ENACTUS, a NGO on campus that engages in community development projects through entrepreneurship. She aspires to become a lawyer and is passionate about human rights.
Ahmed, Kaleem S.
Ahmed, Kaleem S.United States | The Aga Khan University
Kaleem is the Founding CEO of Rinder Inc., a research platform aimed at reducing inefficiencies in research and improving multidisciplinary collaboration. He is also a fourth-year medical student at Aga Khan University and is interested in robotic surgery and health system structures. He also serves as Public Relations manager for Bondh-e-Shams (The Solar Water Project) which provides access to clean drinking water in underserved areas of Pakistan.
Akhroriy, Sabina
Akhroriy, SabinaUzbekistan | Westminster International University in Tashkent
Sabina is a law student at Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She was twice an exchange student in the US and participant of Vis Moot International Commercial Arbitration Competition held in Vienna. She enjoys traveling, meeting new friends, dancing, cooking and hiking.
Akrofi, Mark McCarthy
Akrofi, Mark McCarthyGhana | Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change)
Mark is Co-founder and Vice Leader of PAUWES Climate Change and Gender Club. He is also pursuing a master’s degree in energy policy at the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences. He is passionate about researching environmental issues such as sustainable energy transitions, development planning and environmental sustainability.
Amoah, Wilson
Amoah, WilsonGhana | Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Wilson is passionate about telecommunications, social change and community development projects, and is a student at Kwame Nkrumah University. He is a member of Enactus. He enjoys music, reading the news and graphic design.
Ampofo, Rudolph
Ampofo, RudolphGhana | Eneza Education Ghana
Rudolph is the country director of Eneze Education Ghana, and holds a degree in HR. He has worked in education for six years and has set up two education companies. He is also a student mentor at Ashesi University, and is in the GSBI Accelerator program as a fellow with Santa Clara University.
Arthur-Sarpong, George
Arthur-Sarpong, GeorgeGhana | Viamo Inc.
George is Director of Engineering at Viamo Inc., designing and innovating the newcapabilities to be delivered by Viamo’s global platform that enables mobile engagement-at-scale. As a software engineer, he has experience designing and developing software and solutions that focus on creating opportunities and access to rural communities and developing markets.
Athal, Jawahar Lall
Athal, Jawahar LallMauritius | YUVA
Jawahar is Executive Director or YUVA, the most active youth-led NGO in Mauritius and Africa. He is a youth leader and former chairman of the National Youth Council. He has received national and international awards, and wishes to leave in his wake inspiration, challenges and change.
Banda, Mtisunge
Mtisunge is a nutrition professional and the managing director of Liveonce Healthy Juicers, a fruit and vegetable juice buisness that uses organic produce from Malawi. He has a master’s degree in human nutrition, and has worked as a nutritionist for Kenya Red Cross and Kenyatta Hospital.
Bassi, Abdelhamid
Bassi, AbdelhamidMorocco | World Merit Morocco
Abdelhamid is an industrial and logistics engineer, and the National Head of Business Development and Co-founder of World Merit Morocco. He is interested in promoting eco-friendly, innovative and impactful projects to improve the environment.
Bastien, Samuel
Bastien, SamuelHaiti | Health Education Project Haiti
Samuel is a medical student and Founder of Health Education Project, a NGO serving to improve health education and awareness among Haiti’s most vulnerable communities. He is the director of a community school of over 500 students, and is dedicated to helping improve the significant health and education problems in Haiti.
Batchanzi Wandji, Charlie
Batchanzi Wandji, CharlieCameroon | IDP-GOODS
Charlie is Project Manager and Co-Founder of IDP-GOODS, an organization that helps reduce violence extremism in the Far North Region of Cameroon by providing income generating activities to internally displaced persons and victims of terrorists’ attacks. His organization has successfully trained more than 300 IDPs in income generating activities, and more than 10,000 youth in countering violence extremism.
Beck, Ricardo
Beck, RicardoBrazil, Austria | Zoo Compost Club
Ricardo is the founder of Cadico Minhocas, a non-profit project promoting domestic vermicomposting throughout Brazil. He was chosen as Young Brazilian Environmental Ambassador in 2012, and was named Prospective Leader by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany in 2018, who also supported for his first zoo compost station.
Betancourt Cabieles, Darwin Felipe
Betancourt Cabieles, Darwin FelipeColombia | Los Andes University
Darwin Felipe is pursuing degrees in law and philosophy at Los Andes University, and is the current president of the Social Responsibility Committee of the Students Council. He has worked with several social projects that help low resources children and drug addicts in rehabilitation. He’s also involved in university organizations such as Los Andes Debate Society and the United Ambassadors MUN Youth Assembly in New York.
Beun, Jonatan
Beun, JonatanArgentina | Government Lab of Argentina
Jonatan serves as Chief of Staff of the Government Lab of Argentina at the Cabinet Office. He is also an Associate Professor of Innovation at Torcuato Di Tella University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business economics and a master’s degree in finance from Torcuato Di Tella University, specializing in user experience design and in creativity and innovation.
Bhagat, Megha
Bhagat, MeghaIndia | Project DEFY
Megha is Co-founder of Project DEFY, whose vision is to democratize education by creating global self-learning spaces. She comes from a human rights background has been working in the development sector for a decade, with a mission to create a more equitable world.
Buarque, Beatriz
Buarque, BeatrizBrazil | WORDS HEAL THE WORLD
Beatriz founded Words Heal the World, a NGO that empowers young people to tackle different types of extremism and helps increase the visibility of dozens of organizations that promote peace. She has more than ten years of experience in the newsroom, and decided to share her skills with young people all over the world to encourage them to come up with innovative ideas to challenge hate.
Cañas Martinez, Wanda Yulieth
Cañas Martinez, Wanda YuliethColombia | Los Andes University
Wanda Yulieth is a student at University of Los Andes. She is interested in the research and development of projects, and is active with the Fenicia research group at the University.
Charaya, Nancy
Charaya, NancyIndia | Anthill Creations Foundation
Nancy is the Co-founder and COO of Anthill Creations, an organization that creates playscapes for children by using recyclable materials. She holds a degree in architecture, and is part of NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore and has also been a TEDx spokesperson. She loves to explore the world and believes that art is a strong medium to exchange perspectives.
Chepkorir, Joyline
Chepkorir, JoylineKenya | Michigan State University
Joyline is the founder of Mwangaza Cancer Initiative, a NGO aiming to raise awareness on breast and cervical cancer among women and girls in Kericho and Bomet counties in Kenya. She is also working on a water project, ‘Maji Safi ni Uhai’ to increase the accessibility of clean water for residents in Bomet County. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Michigan State University.
Chikou, Sandrine
Chikou, SandrineBenin | Trois Soeurs Education Fund
Sandrine Chikou is Executive Director of the Trois Soeurs Education Fund. She conducts research and implements programs to improve educational outcomes and literacy with a long-term goal of reducing intergenerational poverty within families. She is Project Manager for Books that Bind, a project that builds digital capacity of youth while creating multilingual books for the local market in Benin.
Cordoba, Geraldine
Cordoba, GeraldineColombia | Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios
The English Vacation KT is a program focused on improving the English language skills of children in Buenaventura, Colombia, ages 8-12. The program creates a language learning environment that feels like vacation while children are on break from their normal school schedule. The program was started in 2017 and has proven successful in improving English capabilities for children across five different neighborhoods. For the program to increase its effectiveness, it requires more funding and broader scale to support all the children in the Buenaventura area. This poster will provide an overview of the program, its successes, and what else will be required from government, non-government, and international agencies in order to increase the scope, impact and ultimately the success of the program in improving English language capabilities to Colombian children.
Cwaigrach, Dana
Cwaigrach, DanaIsrael | The Ramon Foundation
Dana is the project coordinator for The Ramon Foundation’s SpaceLab program — an advanced education program that enables children to send scientific experiments to the International Space Station. She holds a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science from Tel Aviv Academic College, and a master’s degree in public policy from Tel Aviv University.
Dunga, Mathews Macford
Dunga, Mathews MacfordMalawi | Honey Products Limited
Mathews is Co-founder and Managing Director of Malawian social enterprise, Honey Products Limited. He holds a bachelor’s degree in natural resources management, and has four years of experience in leadership and business, organization and youth development. He is passionate about rural development and uses social entrepreneurship to improve rural livelihoods.
Dushniyazova, Diana
Dushniyazova, DianaKazakhstan | Flyworzx
Diana is the founder of Flyworzx, a company that provides drone services to the farmers with the goal of introducing precision agriculture methods in country. She has studied IT and agriculture education. She is also working part-time in consulting firm AgriTech HUB Kazakhstan, which hosts agriculture projects in collaboration with agencies such as USDA and FAO.
Esquivel Castro, Juan Pablo
Esquivel Castro, Juan PabloColombia | Capio - Hope Innovation
Juan Pablo is pursuing an industrial design degree from Icesi University. He has co-founded CAPIO, a project whose device allows the patients of Parkinson desease to regain their autonomy.
Figueroa Olmedo, Juan David
Figueroa Olmedo, Juan DavidColombia | Fiaro SAS and CAPIO TEAM
Juan David holds a degree in industrial design from Icesi University. He has co-founded CAPIO, a project whose device allows the patients of Parkinson desease to regain their autonomy.
Forestieri, Giulia
Forestieri, GiuliaItaly | Universidad de la Sabana
Giulia is an assistant professor of building materials at the University of La Sabana. She holds a PhD in Science and Engineering of the Environment, Buildings and Energy. She has over five years of experience in civil engineering and architecture, and in the architectural heritage.
Gandoto Semassoussi, Anie
Gandoto Semassoussi, AnieBenin | Trois Soeurs Education Fund
Anie is a Creative Director for Three Sisters, a social enterprise with the mission to reduce intergenerational poverty while creating opportunity for artists, creatives and innovators in Benin, Togo and Niger. She also manages wardrobe and makeup for Books that Bind, a US Embassy-funded project that builds digital capacity among youth while creating multilingual books for the local market in Benin.
García Polanco, Vanessa
García Polanco, VanessaDominican Republic | Michigan State University Community Sustainability
Vanessa is pursuing a master’s degree in community sustainability from Michigan State University, and holds a B.S. in environmental economics. She is a scholar-activist that works with regional and national networks to promote democratic empowerment and racial equity in the food systems. She has worked with Food Solutions New England, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems and at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Gil Gonzalez, Natalia Carolina
Gil Gonzalez, Natalia CarolinaColombia | Los Andes University
Natalia Carolina is studying government and public affairs, along with photography, at the University of Los Andes, Colombia. She works on various programs and initiatives, such as the cultural youth collective Lectores Bogotá. She
conducts research on topics related to child development and education programs.
Godoy da Costa Lima, Karla
Godoy da Costa Lima, KarlaBrazil | EcoCiclo
Karla is pursuing a master’s degree and holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Federal University of Pernambuco. She currently works as an economic and financial project analyst. She previously worked as CMO for LifeUp, a startup focused on developing humanitarian technology to solve problems in the lives of people with some type of physical disability.
Grace, Ronny
Grace, RonnyPeru | Universidad Cesar Vallejo
Ronny holds a degree in systems engineering from Cesar Vallejo University. He is Creator of ANA HOLOGRAPHIC, a project that can change the lives of children all over the world. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovative projects that contribute to a modern life.
Gyan, Samuel
Gyan, SamuelGhana | JEGS Company Limited
Samuel is the founder of JEGS Company Limited, which deals in the production, processing, packaging and sales of vegetables with the goal of adding value to produce in Ghana and improving the lives of rural farmers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and sociology from the University of Cape Coast.
Hammond Antwi, Sarpong
Hammond Antwi, SarpongGhana | PAUWES Climate Change and Gender Club
Sarpong is pursuing a master’s degree in energy polcy at the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES). He is the Co-founder and leader of PAUWES Clime Change and Gender Club. He’s passionate about renewable energy, climate change, gender and partnerships for African development.
Henao Benitez, Wendy
Henao Benitez, WendyColombia | Fundacion Sotavento
Wendy is a social worker who focuses on social intervention, community work and research. She is also the Co-founder of the Leeward Foundation, which promotes social development and defends human rights for children and adolescents. She is currently developing proposals focused on the solution of social inequalities in his region.
Hernández Mora, Ronny Alexander
Hernández Mora, Ronny AlexanderCosta Rica | Brenesii
Ronny Alexander is a biologist and the Co-founder of Brenesii, an organization devoted to the research of tropical forests and communicating science to the public (beyond academia). His research includes the use of digital images to evaluate the structural complexity of tropical forests, and also fluorescence as a way to understand the tolerance of tropical plants to increases in temperature.
Hernández, Daniel
Hernández, DanielCosta Rica | Brenesii
Daniel is Co-founder of Brenesii, an organization that focuses on the divulgation of scientific information through field trips with high school students. He is an environmental management engineer interested in waste management solutions and advising companies to complete environmental programs. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in project management.
Husunukpe, Janet Ami
Husunukpe, Janet AmiGhana | Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Janet Ami is a teaching assistant at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where she also holds a degree in architecture. She is passionate about providing long-term solutions to problems facing deprived communities through the use of local resources.
Jaffar, Asha
Jaffar, AshaKenya | Moi University
Asha runs a community-based NGO that supports and trains young filmmakers in the slums of Kibera. She is a journalist and communications professional with experience in local and international media, and currently runs a feminist vlog.
Jamu, Eugene
Jamu, EugeneZimbabwe | Netro Electronics
Eugene is a Mastercard Foundation Scholar at Ashesi University and is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. He established the Ashesi Curious Class Club which is part of seven other Curious Class (CC) clubs across tertiary institutions in Ghana. The focus of the club is for students to share technology knowledge beyond the academic class with a practical project-based approach.
Jonah, Mwesigwa
Jonah, MwesigwaUganda | Makerere University
Mwesigwa is a co-founder of Kata Marine Innovation Group, which innovates solutions to inland water transport challenges. His group is developing catamaran boats for water ambulance and transport. He is pursuing a degree at Makerere University.
Kalonga, Abraham
Kalonga, AbrahamTanzania | MAMALAND MUSHROOM FARMS
Abraham is Founder and CEO of Mamaland Mushroom Farms, a registered agribusiness that deals with production of mushrooms, mushroom spawns and mushroom extension services to underdeveloped areas of Tanzania. He holds a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine from Sokoine University.
Kandodo, Clement
Kandodo, ClementMalawi | EcoGen
Clement Kandodo is the Founder and Managing Director of EcoGen, a social enterprise that provides innovative clean cooking solutions using biogas energy. He is a social entrepreneur and a farmer, and is passionate about contemporary development issues such as renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and waste management.
Kanwal, Shimama
Kanwal, ShimamaPakistan | The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
Shimama is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing, with plans to eventually pursue a graduate degree in healthcare management. She enjoys swimming, badminton and learning to play the guitar.
Kativu, Saymore Ngonidzashe
Kativu, Saymore NgonidzasheZimbabwe | Zarawi Trust
Ngonidzashe is Founder and Executive Chair of Zarawi Trust, with initiatives to empower socioeconomically marginalized African youth and women in agriculture to combat poverty, food insecurity, inequalities and climate change. He is a writer, researcher and advocate for pro-poor, sustainable development.
Kavuma, Johnmary
Kavuma, JohnmaryUganda | Kimuli Fashionability
Johnmary is a social change maker, entrepreneur, mentor and environmentalist. He has created social businesses in areas of poverty alleviation, IT, plastic pollution, and more. He also works for the inclusion of people with disabilities and founded Kimuli Fashionability, an initiative that assists disabled persons with employment while teaching them to upcycle fashion.
Khaskheli, Sarah Ashraf
Khaskheli, Sarah AshrafPakistan | Aga Khan University
Sarah Ashraf is a medical student at Aga Khan University and is the COO of Rinder Inc, a platform whose goal is to remove barriers that prevent access to research opportunities as well as fostering collaboration between individuals in research. She has been actively encouraging and fostering student participation in research ventures, and also serves as the Director of Academics at the Student Research Forum — a society promoting student-led research activities at her university.
Konotey, Gideon
Konotey, GideonGhana | Goat Masters Ltd
Gideon is currently developing an emerging brand, Goat Masters. He has studied graphic design and concept development, and is a passionate entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. His goal is to establish the largest livestock market in Africa.
Kudrimoti, Aaditee
Kudrimoti, AaditeeUnited States | UC Berkeley Travers Department of Political Science
Aaditee is studying political science, public policy and development at UC Berkeley. She is working on projects regarding the political economy of development finance and consensus-building in multilateral development institutions. She’s most interested in studying how international norms in development finance are evolving to be more stakeholder-oriented.
Kumar, Yogesh
Kumar, YogeshIndia | Even Cargo
Yogesh is the founder of Even Cargo, India’s first women-only e-commerce logistics company. He also founded Delhi OYE, an organization working toward creating a gender-just society. He holds a master’s degree in social entrepreneurship, and has been recognized by media organizations like the NY Times, BBC and more.
Lahmami, Mohamed
Lahmami, MohamedMorocco | World Merit Morocco
Mohamed is the National President and Co-founder of World Merit Morocco. He is empowering youth to explore their full potential and tackle global issues. He seeks new experiences to apply his organizational and communication skills acquired after working with youth organizations.
Mashaba, Thabiso
Mashaba, ThabisoBotswana | These Hands GSSE (PTY) LTD
Thabiso is the Co-founder and CEO of These Hands Global, Social and Sustainable Enterprise, a social enterprise that supports rural community investors and entrepreneurs in developing countries. He is also a member of the Botswana Human Resource Development Council’s Creative Industries Sector Committee.
Massango, Deisy
Massango, DeisyMozambique | Foundation for Community Development
Deisy is an administrative assistant for the Foundation for Community Development. She is pursuing a degree in computer science from Eduardo Mondlane University. She visits communities to promote healthy living, and independence and empowerment to women and children.
Matsika, Chido Pamela
Matsika, Chido PamelaZimbabwe | Michigan State University
Chido Matsika is pursing a bachelor’s degree in finance, and a minor in psychology, from Michigan State University as a Mastercard Foundation Scholar. She is passionate about empowering the girl child and providing equal opportunities to every person in Africa. Her ultimate goal is to help Africa sustain itself using its resources through strategic investments and business strategies.
McEwen, Asenath
McEwen, AsenathTrinidad and Tobago | Ministry of Social Development and Family Services
Asenath is the information resource clerk at the Disability Affairs Unit, Ministry of Social Development and Family Services. She has contributed significantly to the development of the Blind Way Forward, a comprehensive guide to help people cope and thrive with visual impairment. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration in marketing, and is currently pursuing an international master’s degree in business development and innovation.
Mchonkhwe, Aubrey
Mchonkhwe, AubreyMalawi | Foundation for Agribusiness and Youth Empowerment (FAYE)
Aubrey Mchonkhwe is the Director of Foundation for Agribusiness and Youth Empowerment, an organization he founded in 2016. He holds a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. His goal is to empower youth to become entrepreneurs and use their skills to employ others.
Melville, Shawn
Melville, ShawnTrinidad and Tobago | Ipsum Technologies
Shawn Melville is developer of the Blind Way Forward, a comprehensive guide to help people cope and thrive with visual impairment. He holds a master’s degree in renewable energy technology, and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of the West Indies. He is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about addressing social, environmental and economic challenges affecting Latin America and the Caribbean.
Mendes Chaves, Gabriela
Mendes Chaves, GabrielaBrazil | NoFront - Financial Empowerment
Gabriela is the CEO of NoFront – Financial Empowerment, and the CFO of Alma Preta – Independent Journalism. She is an economist currently pursuing a master’s degree in global political economics at the Federal University of ABC. Her interests include race relations, gender and labor studies and empowerment of minority populations.
Menezes, Adriele
Menezes, AdrieleBrazil | EcoCiclo
Adriele holds a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Salvador. She has worked in the industrial field as a production assistant, project manager and member of a team of Prolíder 2018.
Mills-Beale, Johannita
Mills-Beale, JohannitaCanada | Mount Royal University
Johannita is an administrative assistant at Mount Royal University, and has extensive work experience at the university-level. She holds a bachelor’s degree in tourism from the University of Cape Coast, and a master’s degree in social studies from University of Regina. Her goal is to become an international student advisor.
Mkono, Abdul
Mkono, AbdulTanzania | Makaru Agro Limited
Abdul is the CEO of Makaru Agro Limited, which offers employment opportunities to youth.
Mohamed, Mukalu
Mohamed, MukaluUganda | Safe Mothers, Safe Babies
Mukalu is Country Director of Safe Mothers, Safe Babies in Uganda, where he directs the strategic planning, research and operations to improve maternal and child health. He previously spearheaded Uganda Village Project’s safe water team and the obstetric fistula team. In 2013, he founded +256 Youth Platform as an effort to mentor street kids, giving the youth a sense of purpose in the world.
Molano Gutiérrez, Slendy Viviana
Molano Gutiérrez, Slendy VivianaColombia | Universidad de La Sabana
Slendy Viviana is pursuing a degree in civil engineering. She is part of a group that tries to improve and create products to help the environment and promote sustainable buildings. Her goal is to encourage others to generate green energy and change the world for future generations.
Molano Martínez, Jhoan Esteban
Molano Martínez, Jhoan EstebanColombia | Universidad de La Sabana
Jhoan is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at the University of La Sabana. He enjoys conducting research about other countries, cities, cultures and technologies, and is especially obsessed with the climate change and livelihoods.
Mphikwa, Mziyanda
Mphikwa, MziyandaSouth Africa | Western Cape Department of Agriculture
Mziyanda has educational background in computer literacy, community development, journalism, and plant production. He has previously served in many development forums such as the Khayelitsha Local Drug Action Committee and the Homeless Project.
Musiyiwa, Respect
Musiyiwa, RespectZimbabwe | Eco-Connect Natural Foods
Respect is an award winning social innovator and agricultural entrepreneur who is passionate about sustainable smallholder agriculture development. He aims to contribute to the total eradication of poverty and hunger by establishing community initiatives focused on climate-smart agriculture and sustainable utilization of natural resources.
Mustapha, Anna
Mustapha, AnnaNigeria | Babcock University
Anna is a recent first class graduate of the department of History and International Studies, Babcock University, Nigeria. Her graduating thesis was on “Managing Internally Displaced Persons: A Case Study of Adamawa State in North East Nigeria.” While doing the research for her thesis, she had the opportunity to interact with internally displaced persons and the government agencies that manage them. This experience further piqued her interest in the rights and welfare of IDPs. She will be pursuing a Master’s in International Security and Terrorism in the Fall of 2019 and looks forward to continuing her research in this area and contributing to a better understanding of the needs of IDPs. She is committed to helping develop effective strategies and systems for providing services and psycho-social support to IDPs during their time in transition.
Mvula, Joel Saboi
Mvula, Joel SaboiZambia | Rusangu University
Joel is the student advisor of the Rusangu University Research and Innovation Student Association, in which he coordinates mentorship, community involvement, and research programs. He also volunteers at mental health service facilities. His goal is to make quality education accessible to all, which in turn cultivates sustainable development.
Naidoo, Navlin
Naidoo, NavlinSouth Africa | KZN Department of Health, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Navlin is the CEO of RAO Skin Technologies, and is a medical doctor. He holds a mater’s degree in HIV/AIDS and dermatology.
Ndaruhuye Irankunda, Jean de Dieu
Ndaruhuye Irankunda, Jean de DieuRwanda | One Acre Fund
Jean de Dieu is the co-founder of Opportunity Access Rwanda, and is Impact and Strategy Lead at One Acre Fund, Rwanda. He previously served as field manager for Innovation for Poverty Action.
Ndlovu, Mthabisi
Ndlovu, MthabisiZimbabwe | Velamfundo
Mthabisi is the Founder and CEO at Velamfundo, a non-profit startup that democratizes quality education. He is also a math and science high school teacher, and has experience with programming and iOS app development. He enjoys playing soccer and table tennis, and is passionate about shaping the future of rural education in Africa.
Nguenha, Nicole
Nguenha, NicoleMozambique | Past: United Nations World Food Programme, TEDxMaputo
Nicole is an advocacy consultant based in Mozambique, and has worked as a policy consultant for the United Nations World Food Programme in various projects. She is currently a TEDxMaputo content developer and organizer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in human ecology, and is a policy, health and social entrepreneurship enthusiast.
Nisengwe, Jean Francois Regis
Nisengwe, Jean Francois RegisRwanda | Global Opportunity Access Project
Regis is pursuing his PhD in natural resources at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He seeks to use data science to address issues inherent in the environment, natural resources and international development. He is developing a project that connects young people around the world to potential employers and internship, mentorship and academic opportunities.
Noan, Nang Phong
Noan, Nang PhongMyanmar | Heguru Yangon Center
Nang Phong holds a bachelor’s in English from Keng Tung University, and a diploma in community leadership and social studies from Kant Kaw Education Center, Yangon. She has worked as an English teacher and has volunteer experience with a monastic school and youth initiatives. She hopes to establish a creative space for youth where they can explore, engage and exchange knowledge.
Ntakiruti Gihoma, James
Ntakiruti Gihoma, JamesDemocratic Republic of Congo | YIDA (Youth Initiative for Development in Africa)
James is Founder and CEO of Youth Initiative for Development in Africa, with a mission to seek and provide affordable quality education that creates sustainable careers and helps refugee children to access education in Uganda. He aims to educate 1,000 refugee children by constructing schools in the refugee camp and providing scholarships to 10 refugee girls to complete high school.
Nzeka, Gloria
Nzeka, GloriaDemocratic Republic of Congo | Michigan State University
Gloria is a Mastercard Foundation Scholar at Michigan State University, pursuing a master’s degree in journalism. She currently hosts a podcast called The Food Fix where she talks to food experts and researchers about innovative ways to achieve food security. Her research and professional interests include the socio-economic development of African youth and the role of the press in the process of democratization.
Ofili, Ebube
Ofili, EbubeNigeria | Loop Media and Solutions
Ebube holds a bachelor’s degree in guidance and counselling, and has experience in augmented reality content creation and video game development. He founded Loop Media Solutions which hosts a virtual and augmented reality application that can be used to treat mental illness. His experience is with adolescents, teenagers, substance abuse patients, students with learning disorders and more.
Oghenechovwen, Oghenekevwe
Oghenechovwen, OghenekevweNigeria | Federal University of Technology Akure
Oghenekevwe is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in meteorology and climate science at Federal University of Technology Akure. He has experience in the environmental and development space, with emphasis on youth engagement, ocean-climate science and policy interface. He contributes research and stories on environment, gender and socioeconomic rights to YourCommonwealth, Wellbeing for Women Africa, YNaija!, and Impakter.
O'Gradey-Lee, Maddison
O'Gradey-Lee, MaddisonAustralia | High Tide
Maddison leads a mental health organization called High Tide which creates spaces where young people can learn about mental health and start the conversation. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and public health at Macquarie University. She is passionate about gender equality and mental health and was the first Australian to win the Dalai Lama Peace Fellowship for her advocacy work.
Oracha, Joan
Oracha, JoanKenya | Grun Africa Limited
Joan is Managing Director of Grun Africa Limited, an agribusiness with integrated operations from farm to market in cereals, legumes and root tubers value chains. Her organization’s focus is an empowered and sustainable rural Africa with women and youth engaged in agricultural income generating activities. She is a business strategist and agri-entrepreneur with experience running various development projects in rural Africa.
Ortiz Valencia, Edwar
Ortiz Valencia, EdwarColombia | Circle of Men and New Masculinities of Cali.
Edwar is a teacher who focuses on strengthening equitable and egalitarian relationships based on women’s issues, and education regarding new masculinities. With a philosophy degree, he is interested in social causes such as culture, gender and the LGBTQ community. He is also interested in community impact work, such as working with youth at risk for drugs, gangs and territorial violence.
Parieaho, Marlon
Parieaho, MarlonTrinidad and Tobago | Blind Way Forward
Marlon is a fully-blind, active police officer who is a passionate advocate for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workplace. He contributed to the development of the Blind Way Forward, a comprehensive guide to help people cope and thrive with visual impairment. He hopes to change the way people with disabilities are perceived, interacted with and valued.
Peña Torres, Nicolás Alejandro
Peña Torres, Nicolás AlejandroColombia | Universidad de los Andes-Mun2 Community
Nicolás Alejandro is a political science student at the University of Los Andes, Colombia. He developed a community organization, Mun2 Community, as a response to educational inequality, and his dream is to transform Colombia.
Prakash, Shreyas
Prakash, ShreyasIndia | dHIVE Foundation
Shreyas is pursuing a master’s degree in integrated product design from TU Delft, Netherlands. Through his initiative dHive Foundation, he has worked with children from various rural and tribal communities in India. He’s fascinated by how children come up with simple solutions to complex problems, and believes children can help solve societal challenges.
Prasmuntaite, Nirelis
Prasmuntaite, NirelisLithuania | Kaunas 2022 European Capital of Culture
Based in Kaunas, Lithuania, Nirelis’s work is centered on preparing cultural strategy and its implementation for Kaunas City to become Capital of Culture in 2022 (nominated by European Commission). She creates and implements innovative ideas for youth to get involved and be part of our program in 2022. She also connects partners and work together with young people to make them more visible, heard and included in the decision making process related to youth policy for Kaunas City. She believes in creating sustainable ecosystem of young people and professionals from different fields to exchange knowledge, and create a mentoring system for youngsters to achieve better results.
Puello Ventura, Nirelis
Puello Ventura, NirelisDominican Republic | The DREAM Project
Nirelis is the program coordinator of ÚNICA, an initiative that creates a space where girls, ages 12-18, can discuss sexual reproductive health, violence, healthy relationships, and toxic-masculinity. She hopes to pursue her passion for women’s empowerment by helping other organizations create programs geared towards vulnerable, young girls in under-resourced communities.
Raduan, Nur Atiqah
Raduan, Nur AtiqahBrunei Darussalam | South East Asia Service Leadership Network
Nur Atiqah is a PhD student at Seoul National University, majoring in vocational education and workforce development. She is currently co-leading a project for South East Asia Service Leadership Network entitled Youth.RISE: Resilient, Innovative, Skillful and Employable. She actively participates in regional diplomacy for youth, and tutoring and development of socially isolated individuals anywhere around the globe.
Rafiq, Qirat
Rafiq, QiratPakistan | Aga Khan University, Hospital
Qirat is a medical student at Aga Khan University Hospital. Her recent projects include adult literacy and women empowerment initiatives. She writes for magazines, and her interests include blogging, debates and volunteering.

Rajagopal, Krishna Thiruvengadam
Rajagopal, Krishna ThiruvengadamIndia | dHIVE Foundation
Krishna is the Co-founder of dHive, an award-winning startup in which children from marginalized communities develop appropriate technologies using local resources and “design thinking”. His work is focused on engaging children in the entire spectrum of participatory design. He also designs tangible programming toys for children to help them imagine beyond digital screens and engage in the real world.
Rivarola, Maria Paula
Rivarola, Maria PaulaPeru | Laboratoria
Maria Paula is the city director in Lima for Laboratoria, leading the operations and a team. She has participated in international workshops about gender and the use of technology and innovation for sustainable development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and gender equality.
Roland Mujungu, Balinda
Roland Mujungu, BalindaUganda | Makerere University
Balinda is a Ugandan-born innovation enthusiast pursuing a bachelor’s in electrical engineering at Makerere University, Uganda. He has three years of experience in robotics, and has trained with embedded systems. Currently, he is working on a project to design affordable catamaran boats with the Kata Marine Innovation Group.
Saint Cyr, Valesca
Saint Cyr, ValescaHaiti | Saint Apollonia Mobile Dental Clinic
Valesca is a dentist from Haiti who co-founded Saint Apollonia Mobile Dental Clinic, where she provides quality and affordable dental care to people from underserved communities to address the limited access to care delivery in Haiti. She is a Rotary International member and leads a dental program for orphans with For Hope International, a US-based organization.
Salazar Tascon, Natalia Andrea
Salazar Tascon, Natalia AndreaColombia | University of Valle
Natalia Andrea is pursuing a degree in business administration from the University of Valle, Colombia. Her hobbies include oil painting, photography, and spending time with friends.
Sedaghat, Mehrdad
Sedaghat, Mehrdad Iran | Michigan State University
Mehrdad Sedaghat is an Iranian designer and artist. He moved to the US to pursue his MFA degree at MSU. Mehrdad starts his new career as an assistant professor of Graphic Design at FAU this fall. His professional experiences include a wide range of design practices, teaching and community outreach. Mehrdad’s research and projects focus on the hybrid visual culture and its relationship to the sensitivity of global politics in the Middle East and the US.
Shani, Suhuyini
Shani, SuhuyiniGhana | Viamo Incorporation
Suhuyini is Team Manager for the Design and Implementation Team based in Accra. He is a social innovator who uses his expertise in mobile engagement to build solutions to everyday problems. He also uses digital solutions to break distance, language and literacy barriers so women can better access information to improve maternal and child health.
Sinha, Abhijit Ajit Kumar
Sinha, Abhijit Ajit KumarIndia | Project DEFY
Abhijit is Founder and CEO of Project DEFY, which follows his Nook Self-Learning model to enable communities to develop and run their own Nooks. He is attempting to de-colonize mindsets by deconstructing education and bringing the control of learning and life back into the hands of the people. He is a habitual optimist and a forever-learner.
Sosa, Ana
Sosa, AnaColombia | Universidad de La Sabana
Ana is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at the University of La Sabana. She enjoys learning and innovating in the field of building sustainability to help leave a better world for future generations.
Soto Camilo, Kevin David
Soto Camilo, Kevin DavidColombia | Afro-juvenile magazine Matamba
Kevin David is a psychologist at the University of San Buenaventura. He is the director and co-founder of the Afro-juvenile magazine Matamba. He has participated in social projects that seek the empowerment of black communities in vulnerable territories. He has also conducted research on racial issues, such as the dynamics of racism in the workforce and the experiences of suffering of black domestic workers in the city of Cali.
Sousa, Hellen
Sousa, HellenBrazil | EcoCiclo
Hellen is Coordinator of Media Ethnic Lab, a project of democratization of technology and information for the community. She has also co-founded autonomous entrepreneurial and technological projects such as the Nagô Fair and Black Hacker. She is a communication teacher and a social impact entrepreneur at EcoCiclo, and holds a degree in project management.
Tirado, Anthony
Tirado, AnthonyPeru | Universidad Cesar Vallejo
Anthony is the creator of ANA HOLOGRAPHIC, a project that has the potential to change the lives of children around the world. He holds a degree in professional engineering of systems, and is specializing in networks and telecommunications.
Toribio Martinez, Jhan Carlos
Toribio Martinez, Jhan CarlosDominican Republic | The DREAM Project
Jhan Carlos is Head Coordinator of A Ganar, a program that provides technical training for adults 17-24 years old who don’t work or study. He has trained more than 700 youth in different communities using dynamic sports education to engage in conversations about sexual education. He hopes to expand the program A Ganar outside of the north coast to reach more people in need.
Uwoghiren, Ogbemudia
Uwoghiren, OgbemudiaNigeria | LifeSavers Initiative For First AID Education, Nigeria ( LifeSaversNG)
Ogbemudia is an emergency healthcare advocate, social entrepreneur and journalist. He is the founder of LifeSavers Initiative for First AID Education Nigeria, a youth-led organization that trains Nigerians in basic first aid skills. Through his advocacy work, he hopes to create safer emergency rooms across hospitals in Nigeria.
Valencia Castañeda, Julian
Valencia Castañeda, JulianColombia | Hope Innovation, Capio
Julian is pursuing a degree in industrial design with Icesi University. He has co-founded CAPIO, a project whose device allows the patients of Parkinson desease to regain their autonomy.
Valente, Danielle
Valente, DanielleUnited States | Deep Play for Kids, LLC
Danielle is Program Manager for Deep Play for Kids, where children are empowered to discover their whole self through mindful play. She holds a master’s degree in interdisciplinary psychology from Leeds Beckett University. She is passionate about self love and mental health, and has led workshops for an array of organizations in several countries to encourage, empower and celebrate each individuals unique self.
Vazquez Munguia, Rodrigo
Vazquez Munguia, RodrigoMexico | Junior Achievement Americas
Rodrigo is an entrepreneur with a degree in economics. He is passionate about social service and development of his partners, and currently works with Junior Achievement Americas. He has managed and strengthened the organization’s network, and is now establishing Alumni Networks for JA Americas in 16 countries in the region.
Vilchez, Lourdes
Vilchez, LourdesPeru | Laboratoria
Lourdes is a JavaScript coach at Laboratoria, an organization that empowers and prepares women to develop tech careers in Latin America. She is passionate about empowerment through education, and teaches programming to children and women.
Wang, Monica
Wang, MonicaAustralia | Kua
Monica is near completion of her studies in Economics, International Relations and Philosophy at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. She is the Director of Kua – a social business which uses coffee as a vehicle to drive impact in Uganda and inspire the values of a circular economy. She is passionate about creating social and environmental change with the use of data and economics.
Xavier, Gercia
Xavier, GerciaMozambique | FDC- Foundation for Community Development
Gercia is a communications assistant at the Foundation for Community Development, with a degree in Mozambican literature from Eduardo Mondlane University. She was previously a journalist-trainee at the Media Lab-IREX. She has also trained children in reading, comprehension and text analysis techniques.
Yankah, Maame
Yankah, MaameGhana | Ghana Institute of Management and Professional Studies
Maame is an environmental enthusiast and currently volunteers for Environment 360, promoting their recycling efforts and raising awareness for proper waste segregation and collection in Ghana. Her professional background includes experience in non-profit organizations, project management, communications and advocacy. As a Youth and Gender Ambassador for Plan International USA and Girl Rising, she has participated in many leadership and advocacy events, such as the UN Social Good Summit.
Zambrano, Hillary
Zambrano, HillaryUnited States | Icesi University
Hillary is a political science student at Icesi University, whose research focuses on minority and race politics, domestic policy and public managment. Her bachelor’s dissertation discusses the importance of social media in the empowerment of young Latin American immigrants in the United States.
Zamora Acevedo, Daniel Felipe
Zamora Acevedo, Daniel FelipeColombia | Universidad de la Sabana
Daniel is a civil engineering student at the University of La Sabana, Colombia. His research group, Ecoactive Group, are the current leaders in sustainability research in Colombia, with distinctions from prestigious companies and foreign governments. He appreciates teamwork and is always looking for new learning opportunities.
Zanella, Patricia
Zanella, PatriciaBrazil | EcoCiclo
Patricia holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and is a research candidate for a master’s degree in international law. She founded the Entenda de Moda website where she talks about conscious consumption and sustainable fashion. She is the first South American woman to be a member of the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council, and is also one of the Co-founders of EcoCiclo.